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Products::Pistol Barrels

Shilen pistol barrels are rifled with the same care and precision as Shilen rifle barrels, which are perhaps the winningest barrels in benchrest competition. You simply cannot buy a finer pistol barrel than Shilen. These barrels are available in every rifle barrel caliber and twist offered by Shilen.(Calibers & Twists) Every barrel is held to the same tolerance and standard as our rifle barrels, they are button rifled and fully stress-relieved. Each is also warranted against defects in material or workmanship.

Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrels
Simply the finest available to the competitive shooter. Heat-resistant stainless steel generally extends the accuracy life of a barrel over chrome-moly. In addition, stainless steel machines better than any other barrel metal, providing a somewhat higher quality bore surface. Hand lapping in every Shilen stainless steel barrel then achieves what we believe is the ultimate bore finish. To meet Shilen Match Grade criteria, groove dimensions must air gauge within 0.0005" of our standard diameter and vary no more than 0.0003" from end to end.

Chrome-moly Match Grade Barrels
The same precise, uncompromising bore dimensions as Shilen's Stainless Steel Match Grade. While these barrels possess a beautifully smooth interior surface, the bore can be brought to a finish approaching that of a Shilen stainless steel barrels by specifying the optional hand-lapping process.

Contours and Dimensions:

Silhouette Pistol Barrels measure 1.25" X 14" and are available unturned or turned in all three grades. These barrels are also offered Prethreaded and Chambered by Shilen, requiring some final fitting by a gunsmith. Select any desired caliber and twist from the Calibers and Twists data sheet.


Standard Pistol Barrels measure 1.20" X 14" and are available unturned in all three grades. We will turn Stainless Steel Match Grades to a smaller diameter for an extra charge. Standard Pistol Barrels are offered only in the calibers and twists below.

The information below is in the following format: Cal.(Groove Dia.)(Twist)(Length)(Contour)

22 RF (.222")(14" or 16")(14")(Unturned -1.20" dia.- Stainless Steel, Match Grade can be preturned to smaller contour at extra cost.)
22 CF (.224")(9", 12", or 14")(Same as above)(Same as above)
9mm (355")(14" or 16")(Same as above)(Same as above)
38 (.357")(14" or 18")(Same as above)(Same as above)
44 (.429")(20")(Same as above)(Same as above)
45 (.451")(16")(Same as above)(Same as above)

When ordering, please indicate:

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